custom order

Looking for the trendiest or vintage k-goods but not available on our website?

Don’t fret! HereFan will make sure you receive all your desired products in a fast and easy way. Well, if only it can be delivered. 

To get closer to having your dream K-item, create an account on HereFan, add your address and fill the form below.


Shipping method & Fee

Global shipping is done through DHL Express and the shipping fee differs depending on your location and the weight of your order. Each custom order has its own calculated shipping fee, based on the country and item weight. Please fill out our Custom Request Form and our team will provide you with a fee quote for your order.

Custom Orders will take about 7~10 business days as we order and prepare your requested item. Once your item has arrived to our office, we will send it to you right away.

In the case of custom order cancellation, you will be charged 50% fee (no full refunds).

If you have any questions or have to order different items, feel free to hit us up on