What is the HF Rank System?

As a community, Here Fan uses a rank system to determine the class of each member based on the number of accumulated points. Points can be applied to reduce the cost of products during checkout. Read more about the HF point system here.

How to level up in rank

You can level up in rank by accumulating points. The lowest rank is “Rookie” and the highest is “Legend”.

Below is a breakdown of the ranks:

1. Rookie

rookie rank

The greenhorn of HereFan and the rank each fan starts from when they first sign up.

Min points: 0

Max points: 114

2. Enthusiast


The blooming fan of HereFan. An enthusiast has all the basics down and is ready to roll.

Min points: 115

Max points: 999

3. Connoisseur


These fans are definitely not beginners, and probably have a community or two under their thumb. 

Min points: 1000

Max points: 1999

4. Fanatic


The intensity of fanatics for the idols they love is both infectious and mesmerizing. You will be seeing lots of drama from these fans.

Min points: 2000

Max points: 4999

5. Super Stan

super stan

The influencers of HereFan and the crème de la crème of fans. If you don’t know about this super stan, you must be living under a rock.

Min points: 5000

Max points: 9999

6. Die-Hard Fan

die-hard fan

Looking for the right merch to buy, communities to join or juicy stories to read? Die-hard fans know it all!

Min points: 10000

Max points: 49999

7. Addict


Well, there’s no helping this fan. They have the key to the backdoor of HereFan.

Min points: 50000

Max points: 99999

8. Hero


Reached out of the love for HereFan, Heroes are the protectors of Fans.

Min points: 100000

Max points: 499999

9. Legend


Do we really have to explain the greatness of a legend? Just take a bow when you have the pleasure to meet one.

Min points: 500000

Max points: 999999