TXT – [YEONJUN’S BAKE SHOP] Official MD : Badge Set


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TXT – [YEONJUN’S BAKE SHOP] Official MD : Badge Set

  • Material : STEEL
  • Size : CAKE 42 x 51.6 mm / DRINK 29.2 x 39.2 mm

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Product description

TXT – [YEONJUN’S BAKE SHOP] Official MD : Badge Set

TXT - [YEONJUN'S BAKE SHOP] Official MD : Badge Set TXT - [YEONJUN'S BAKE SHOP] Official MD : Badge Set TXT - [YEONJUN'S BAKE SHOP] Official MD : Badge Set TXT - [YEONJUN'S BAKE SHOP] Official MD : Badge Set


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